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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Is it just me...

or does the new iPod look like a flimsy piece of shit? Way to kill your brand, jackasses. You are now just like your competitors. Actually, your new product has fewer features than your competitors, but it does come in a cool box and it's white. Oooooh.

Monday, January 03, 2005

File Under

Cutest Waste of Time Ever: The Lord of the Peeps

Sunday, January 02, 2005


Today's Tennessean has a story about the Titans' disappointing season on the cover. No mention of the latest news about the tsunami aid effort. While expressing my displeasure at this to a friend, he tried to frame it in terms of 9/11, saying they likely didn't give us much coverage in the media, either. How can you compare an act of nature to terrorism? We had worldwide coverage and massive sympathy from quite a few countries. People were horrified that other humans could do something like that with no provocation and outside the scope of an established military conflict. So that claim falls flat. It was as if he wanted to villify the innocents who died in order to justify an editorial decision that was, in my opinion, in poor taste. A full-page spread of the events is not necessary, but there should be a mention, an update on the conditions. Frame it in local terms if necessary. It's what they do for the war. There are many things far more important that Steve McNair's injuries.

There is no one to blame for the loss of 150,000 lives. Their religions played no part in what happened. It is tragic. It deserves our attention, as well as a sustained effort to help those people heal their lives.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

My Head Hurts

Here's a gem I came across while looking at Marketing Assistant job postings on one of the big boards. It's lovely.

"We are on a significant growth trend and are seeking an experienced Business to Business Marketing Assistant to help execute our marketplace expansion."

Could you write something more ridiculous sounding, please? You may think that by writing something with buzzwords you are trendy and lie on the bleeding edge of business, but even the most inexperienced of us out here look at quotes like that and roll our eyes. Then we laugh at you. We certainly do not apply for jobs with your company. So, for next time, may I suggest that you instead use this version of the same sentence:
"We're growing and need an experienced B2B Marketing Assistant."

Muuuuuuuch better.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Angry stomach! Stomach smash! Jiminy christmas on a pole, this is a nuisance.

A Note...

to all prospective employers: This is me. Do not be (too) afraid.

I work long hours. I make it fun. I think creativity is key. I also think it is difficult. I enjoy being spontaneous. I believe repetition leads to atrophy. I find it dangerous. I challenge the status quo regularly. I remain positive during tough times. I hope for the best. I love people. I trust their judgment. I demand sincerity. I have a big mouth. I curse sometimes. I like to run. I feel exhilirated every time. I know it's unrelated to the rest of these.

No Snappy Title Here

After approximately five months with no bites, it’s quite obvious that the way I’m conducting my job search is just not working. So, it seems a bit of re-framing is in order. Looking at every job in a certain city was the key up to this point. While that gave me a few opportunities here and there, it doesn’t play to my strengths. Now it’s time to open it up and look at jobs instead of cities. Geography can no longer be a factor. It’s just not practical.

Is my new direction obvious? Yes.

Is it something I should've done from the start? Yes.

Is what I have been doing a little boneheaded? Yes.

Is it what I want to do, not what I have to do? Yes.

That privilege is not to be overlooked. I am lucky to have this opportunity, even if it isn't working out in the short-term.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Tis the season

to be bored out of my gourd.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Socially Awkward Anime Fans Beware!

It seems that Korean men are making headway into Japanese girls' hearts! From the Peninsula, it's Yon-sama! (Requires Registration to NY Times)

NOTE: Even though this article was written by a native speaker, he oversimplifies the usage of the word "sama". It's used quite frequently in contexts where you wish to give respect and maintain a certain air of formality. Not just in cases where the recipient is royalty.

I am a unique snow...crystal.

Snow Crystals.com is a really good site on how snow flakes, crystals, or whatever the fuck you want to call them are formed.


I've never understood how vans such as this could be considered Western. Certainly the Japanese know that cars such as this one are the exception. Right? RIGHT?!

NOTE: Xzibit, I'm looking your way.